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Quickstart to Deploying Content Services in Cloud Pak for Business Automation

By Kevin Trinh posted Mon August 16, 2021 04:00 PM

Do you want to quickly and easily explore Content Services capabilities within Cloud Pak for Business Automation? You can quickly deploy Content Services with minimal prerequisites and infrastructure dependencies like databases and enterprise LDAP by using the "Demo" deployment option. In the video below, it will show a handful of prerequisites needed prior to deploying the Cloud Pak for Business Automation operator and Content Service "Demo" pattern. Additionally, the video walks you through the minimal configuration in the form UI to deploy Content Services. It will also show you how to determine the progress of the deployment in the OpenShift console. And lastly, how to access and start exploring the Content Services components like Business Automation Navigator when the deployment completes.

Try the quickstart deployment yourself by following the Step-by-step Guide!