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Upload, search and view improvements in Content Navigator

By KATHRYN TIRADOR posted Fri August 06, 2021 01:16 PM

IBM Content Navigator provides an intuitive and useful user interface for many IBM content repositories including FileNet Content Manager. It gives you access to your critical enterprise content, all while ensuring proper governance and compliance.  We're always investing and updating Content Navigator to ensure that users have a great experience and are able to easily search, view and upload. Interested to see what is included in the latest releases of Content Navigator? Read and watch below to find out!

We all wish we had more time in our day, and we don't want to spend it individually uploading documents into Content Navigator. You can now upload a set of documents and edit individual properties upon upload. This way you can make sure that each document has its own unique metadata applied without having to go through the hassle of uploading each document one by one. This new feature is great when your set of documents should not be uploaded with all the same metadata. 

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While you're waiting for that set of documents to be uploaded into the repository you can now move onto other tasks and be notified when the upload is complete. This is helpful if you are uploading a large volume or large sized documents and don't want to stare at the screen while they load. You are free to check out your tasks list, browse your Teamspace, or perform a search all while knowing Content Navigator will notify you when the upload is complete. 
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There may be millions if not billions of documents stored in your IBM repository. This makes search one of the most important features of Content Navigator. In 3.0.10 there are improvements to searching across document classes and cross-repository searches. When searching on multiple document classes, you can now include any property in your search criteria. Previously, you were limited to properties that were shared across classes, but in 3.0.10 we have removed this limitation so that you can search across any property present in those document classes. 

Cross-repository searches help you find content no matter where it lives, whether that be in an IBM repository or another vendor. Without having to migrate the content, you can perform searches across repositories to find the content you need regardless of where it is being stored.  In 3.0.10 you can also created more targeted cross-repository searches with search criteria that are required, hidden, editable or read-only. Once you perform the search, you can take more actions like emailing the results, printing, multi-select actions or exporting all search results. 
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We've uploaded and searched for content, now it's time to cover viewing. Our advanced viewer allows you to universally view many content types without having to download it to your device. You can apply redactions to sensitive content, write out annotations, color correct images and much more. One new feature is the ability to multi-select thumbnails and apply actions like rotations. Imagine a set of pages were scanned in varying directions. You can now select all the pages that are not oriented correctly and rotate without having to click through each one individually. 
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Additional new features include: view and annotate documents that have multiple content elements, listen to audio files, zoom thumbnails, print while using merge and split, mobile security to view only (no downloads), mobile search results to show custom metadata, mobile dark mode, improved default column widths, upload and download large files with Aspera, detailed history of documents, ability to apply security roles for documents/folders/searches, view and update object-valued properties using External Data Service plug-ins, and additional options for scheduling recycle bin deletes. In future blogs we'll cover the ability to send documents through desktop email applications and editing documents in Office for the Web.  All of these features aim to deliver our ultimate goal of providing a seamless, intuitive and modern user experience with Content Navigator to ensure that you have the content you need when and where you need it most.