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Seamlessly access IBM Content repositories through Microsoft Teams

By KATHRYN TIRADOR posted Tue May 18, 2021 12:40 PM

The use of Microsoft Teams has exploded over the last year. From 35 million daily active users before the start of the pandemic, to now over 145 million (1). With Teams becoming such a pervasive interface for collaboration and productivity it's imperative to connect it to critical enterprise applications. The ability to fully access IBM Content Navigator within Teams gives users the ability to find and collaborate on content stored within mission critical content repositories like FileNet Content Manager and Content Manager OnDemand. They can do this all without leaving Teams to get the information they need, whether that be referring to documents related to a case while chatting with a teammate, on a video conference or in a team channel. When a new document needs to be added, they do not need to leave Teams to upload to Navigator or create a duplicate in SharePoint.  Documents can be uploaded directly into Navigator from Teams to provide advanced document management features like classification, metadata and entry templates to ensure all the necessary information is captured to ensure compliance and make it easier to find in the future. This connection can be configured to immediately show a saved search, Teamspace or any other relevant URL of Navigator that is most relevant to the user.  From there, they can take advantage of all the powerful features within Content Navigator including advanced searches, records declaration, entry templates, collaboration and more.  

Review this new tech note to learn how to configure the Content Navigator connector to Teams today:

Content Navigator in Microsoft Teams Channel




Tue June 01, 2021 10:59 AM

Nitin, SSO is not something we yet have documented but it is configurable!

Mon May 31, 2021 08:24 PM

No SSO support, No fun !