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Announcing IBM Business Automation Manager 9.0: A Breakthrough for Developers and Decision Automation

By Karina Varela posted Wed June 28, 2023 04:03 PM


We're excited to present IBM Business Automation Manager 9.0, a groundbreaking release that transforms the way developers approach decision automation. In today's fast-paced business landscape, where organizations need to swiftly adapt to market changes and customer demands, having robust and modern business automation solutions is crucial. However, developers often face challenges creating robust decision-automation solutions using modern technologies.

IBM BAMOE 8, built on top of jBPM, Drools, and Kogito, brought it with all the greatness of over 10 years of experience. This knowledge, collaboratively built and hardened over the years, resulted in a new phase of IBM's open-source automation solutions.

Introducing IBM Business Automation Manager Open Editions 9.0: exciting new features, enhanced security, a flexible architectural solution, and cloud-core technologies.

IBM BAMOE 9.0 release empowers developers and cross-team collaboration like never before. Here are some highlights:

Collaborative Environment: With Canvas, developers and business users can collaborate on business automation projects in one single enterprise repository, bridging the gap between different roles, and enhancing communication and efficiency.

Aligned with the improved authoring experience, the decision and rules engine powered by Kogito and Drools is extremely lightweight and fast, being the best fit for event-driven decision services within microservices architectures and for serverless deployment models.

Wide Support for Kubernetes: IBM's commitment to open-source continues with support for various Kubernetes platforms, including Red Hat OpenShift. This broadens the deployment options, ensuring adaptability to various infrastructural needs.

On the development side, expect a reimagined experience designed to greatly improve the authoring effectiveness: meet IBM BAMOE Canvas and the IBM BAMOE Developer Tools for VSCode.

Maintaining our commitment to open standards such as BPMN and DMN, we ensure compatibility with a wide range of third-party applications. With the Developer Tools the technical experts can effectively develop and deliver rules authoring, rules orchestration and straight through processing use cases. Integrating rules, processes, and modern Java specifications has never been so simple:

Work with decision models, process models and test scenarios directly on VSCode. The IBM BAMOE Developer Tools for VSCode extension is can be downloaded directly via VSCode Extensions or on the official Microsoft Visual Studio MarketPlace page.

The IBM BAMOE Canvas, widely known in its upstream version, KIE Sandbox ( and, is now officially part of the enterprise IBM offering as a supported component. You can deploy and adapt it to your needs, experiencing a revolutionary authoring environment designed to foster collaboration, streamline operations, with extreme scalability.

Development cycle for decisions and business processes, with easy to use code versioning (multiple git repository options), project accelerators, automatically generated forms for testing decision models and the best of it: without any wait time. Additionally, users can leverage one-click deployment directly to development cloud environments and much more.

Canvas provides a fully client-side, visual modeling experience, enabling immediate testing without deploying the solution to a separate runtime environment. It fast-tracks the feedback loop, promoting rapid iterations.

Learn more about the release

All these cool new features and much more are detailed on the IBM announce letter and on the brand new official product documentation

If you want to know more about the new version of IBM Business Automation Manager Open Editions we invite you to join us on the upcoming IBM Live Webinar "What's New in IBM Business Automation Manager Open Editions" on July 18th at 11am ET to get insights from our experts and join discussions.

We are also releasing a new way for developers to experience these enterprise offerings. You can get access and evaluate the product free of charge through the new IBM Developer Program for Open Editions

IBM Business Automation Manager Open Editions 9.0.0 are available to access through multiple portals, feel free to check out the BAMOE 9.0 download document for details:

Don't hesitate to reach out to us with any questions or requests for assistance. Discover the future of business automation with IBM Business Automation Manager 9.0 and Kogito today!

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What's New in IBM Business Automation Manager Open Editions

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