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NEW version of the community BAW Toolkit for IBM RPA now available!

By Jukka Juselius posted Wed April 27, 2022 06:17 PM

Happy days!

The community BAW toolkit to invoke IBM RPA from BAW processes has finally evolved to support both the IBM RPA synchronous (already supported in version 1) and the new IBM RPA asynchronous Server API released with IBM RPA version 21.0.2!

You can find the details and download the version 2 of the toolkit from my Github:

Since the new Server API actually uses IBM RPA Processes instead of directly invoking a specific bot (WAL script) it is a bit more trickier to use and to set up than using the synchronous API exposed by every agent service / bot runtime environment. Therefore, we have started to build a lab exercise / instructions how to make use the BAW toolkit and how to set up the needed configurations in your RPA control center.

So, stay tuned for the upcoming lab exercise! We will post it to the community as soon as we finish writing it! Meanwhile, I'm happy to help you get started with the toolkit should you require any help in using it!

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Wed June 01, 2022 07:46 AM

Amazing, great work!