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My TechXchange Session on Digital Decision Twins

By James Taylor posted Mon August 07, 2023 07:47 PM


I'm in my 8th year as an IBM Champion (focused on Decision Management and Decision Automation) and I'm super-excited about speaking at TechXchange 2023. As THINK has got bigger, the kind of technical sessions that provoke interesting discussions have become harder to find and attend. TechXchange is going to put 1,000+ of these kinds of sessions out there in a concentrated burst and it's going to be great. Just focusing on decision automation and decision management, there are dozens of useful sessions. Plus it will be a great chance to meet some of IBM's techies and a bunch of fabulous IBM Champions!

I talking about Decision Models: A Critical Component in Digital Twins. As you may know, digital twins are an emerging best practice for business processes and physical machinery. Organizations are building digital models of their business so they can run experiments, simulate the impact of changes and even see live digital views of what's really going on. Process mining and process modeling with BPMN are particularly important in digital process twins.

However, information businesses like banks and insurers rely on the decisions they make even more than their processes. Similarly, some process really depend on a decision and cannot be understood without - for example, a marketing fulfilment process cannot be understood without knowing which offer was selected and why. In these cases, a digital twin that makes generic assumptions about the decisions or just distributes results proportionately, won't show you much.

A digital twin of decision-making - a digital decision twin - can let you simulate the impact of changes, run experiments and automate these critical decisions for consistency and accuracy. A digital decision twin can ensure you have the same kind of visibility and control over your decisions. The question for most companies is how to build them. While many have adopted decision technology, few would say they had a digital twin.

10+ years of decision modeling and thousands of decisions implemented have shown that a combination of decision models built using the Decision Model and Notation or DMN standard and IBM's decisioning infrastructure can create powerful digital twins for decision-making. By breaking down and visualizing your decision making, decision models make it easier to automate your decisions and to do so in a way that creates a true digital twin.

Simple decision model and associated decision table

I hope you'll join me in session 4904 at 10:15am on September 14th to learn more.

Several of us from Decision Management Solutions will be present - including my partner and fellow IBM Champion, Ryan Trollip, who is speaking with Lenny Bromberg on "Steering Business Challenges with AI: Lessons from the Mayflower Autonomous Ship" - session 4859. If you'd like to meet up, drop me a line or connect with me on LinkedIn.

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