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Some thoughts on Decision Intelligence

By James Taylor posted Tue May 09, 2023 08:23 PM


At a recent International Institute for Analytics Symposium, I chatted with Satish Padiyar of HCSC about Decision Intelligence. I thought I would share a few nuggets from that conversation as the role of Decision Intelligence in Business Automation was a big part of what we discussed.

  • Decision Intelligence involves Decision Support, Decision Automation and Decision Augmentation. Everyone does Decision Support. Decision Automation is well understood, if less widely delivered. There are two areas of confusion:
    • These are pillars not layers - you don't progress from Support to Augmentation to Automation, you pick a suitable approach for each decision.
    • Decision Augmentation is more than just Decision Support on steroids - it involves formally defining the role of both human and machine, then integrating them into a whole.
  • HCSC has data, analytics and BI capabilities but sees adding a Decision Intelligence capability as essential to translate insight into value because value requires action - decisions.
  • This new capability requires some established technologies - not just new #machinelearning and #artificialntelligence capabilities from tools like those in #CloudPakforData but established ones like #DecisionAutomation using #CloudPakforBusinessAutomation or #OperationalDecisionManager(ODM) 
  • Mostly what Decision Intelligence requires is a focus on decision-making and repeatable decisions as something to identify, model (using a standard notation like #DMN ), automate and manage. It's not about rules or analytics, its about decisions.
  • Decision Intelligence really changes how you work with data and #analytics as it focuses on moving from "right to left" - from the decision that must be improved back to the data not from the data to some proposed solution. It creates a pull for new analytics (to improve a decision) v a data-centric push. As Satish said - "the last mile becomes the first mile"
  • In the end, the key skill is this ability to conceptualize repeatable decisions so they can be modeled, automated, augmented and improved.

#decisionintelligence is going to be critical moving forward. Time to learn some new skills :)




Sun May 14, 2023 10:19 PM

@Jean Pommier Thanks! I appreciate the support.

Sun May 14, 2023 02:35 PM

Thank you for sharing about this insightful client conversation, James!
So much has been written already, yet the world still gets so little about these concepts.
You can't retire anytime soon!