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See How Decision Management Drives Business Automation Success in Two Upcoming Events

By James Taylor posted Fri April 15, 2022 10:59 AM

Anyone who's raised teenagers understands the importance of teaching them how to make good choices. Since you can no longer follow them around and protect them, they need to learn how to make the right decision on their own. Succeeding in business is much the same. Successful businesses are those that empower front line employees and enable automation systems to make the right decisions.

At Decision Management Solutions, we work with many different types of organizations, helping them understand how to better understand their decision-making and automate decisions at key points. And one thing we noticed is the decisions that can be effectively automated vary based on the industry and type of organization. For this reason, we've conceived a couple of 30-minute webinars to look at automation decisions for two different types of organizations.

The first event, on Tuesday April 19 at 2 PM ET, focuses on B2B companies. The best consumer brands have set a standard for personalized, omni-channel engagement. Now business customers want the same thing from their vendors. If you are looking to improve customer engagement, a new study by McKinsey reports that business customers are looking for "more channels, more convenience, and a more personalized experience." Join us Tuesday for "Delivering Customer Excellence in a Complex, Multi-Channel World," where we'll look at how digital decisioning can help clients get what they want.

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The second event, Thursday, April 21 at 2 PM ET, focuses on regulated industries, like financial services, insurance, healthcare and government agencies. This is use case where decision management and business rule management undeniably prove their worth. In regulated industries, compliance needs to be built-in to every process; it must be consistent and transparent and even auditable, should a problem arise later and company needs to defend itself. We regularly read about companies being penalized and fined hefty sums for compliance violations, which can be completely avoided with a clear and comprehensive compliance strategy guided by decision management. Join us Thursday for "Delivering Agile Compliance at Scale" and learn how conquer complexity, improve agility, lower costs, and measure ongoing effectiveness in compliance.

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