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IBM ECM System Monitor: Free Trial Available Now

By Iswarya Vinothini Jayachandran posted Fri May 13, 2022 05:40 AM

Organisations today rely on Business Automation (BA) systems, particularly for customer-facing processes. An outage across such systems, impacts productivity and affects your end-user experience. During such events, the IT Ops Teams spend hours trying to understand the Business Automation systems to resolve the issues causing the outage. The existing event management tools are not BA-aware to include BA-event alerts and are not handy either. BA Teams, on the other hand, needthe end-to-end insight, which would help them navigate the issues facing their systems quicker and faster. The problems amplify when the teams have to deal with such situations when your infrastructure is spread across on-premise and hybrid environments.

IBM ECM System Monitor enables you to manage your BA systems reliably and efficiently by automating routine checks in your daily operations, both on-premises and hybrid cloud environments.

With ECM System Monitor you can:
  • Automate alerting mechanisms and reduce problem resolution time and improve user experience. 
  • Get proactive insights and early warnings - both on-premise or in the cloud.
  • Enable your administrators to manage IBM BA components and their infrastructure in one single point of control.
  • Automate daily health checks for your BA systems.
  • Integrate IT Operations and Service Desk for central operation of IBM BA 24/7 by leveraging observability and AI capabilities of central solutions such as IBM Instana and IBM Watson AIOps
  • Better support of IT compliance and auditing requirements.

ESM Sys Monitor - High level view

Get started with a solution that helps you manage your ECM and BA systems by empowering your administrators and IT Ops with full insights into the BA system health 24/7, and
sign up for a free trial of the ECM System Monitor to step up the service quality of your BA systems today!

ESM System Monitor Trial

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Mon May 16, 2022 07:21 AM

You can find guidance how to install and configure ESM in the Getting Started Guides