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Add New Users to IBM RPA as a Service Tenant

By Genevieve van den Boer posted Fri October 16, 2020 08:11 PM


The IBM Robotic Process Automation as a Service with WDG Automation (IBM RPA as a Service) offering helps you to automate business and IT processes at scale with the ease and speed of traditional RPA. If you are new to IBM RPA as a Service, as a tenant owner, you will need to start registering additional users in your tenant so they can begin to leverage the platform. In this article, I will describe the following user registration processes you can easily perform in your IBM RPA as a Service tenant:

  • Add new user
  • Add new users (bulk registration)

Note: You will need to have admin privileges on your IBM RPA as a Service tenant to perform these actions.


Add new user

To add an individual user to your tenant, once you have logged into your IBM RPA as a Service tenant as an admin, open the left menu option Configuration> Users.

You will see a list of users already added to your tenant displayed in a table, if there are any. Click on New User to open the window to register your new user.

In the New User window enter the Name of the new user and their Email address. These are the only two required fields.


You can optionally add the user to any Group(s) you have already defined. In addition, you can select the Language Preference to be either English (US) or Portuguese (Brazil).

By default, the new user will be a normal user, with access only to features for script development and management, but if you want the new user to have administrative privileges, with access to every feature and ability to register other users, select the Administrator checkbox. If you are unsure, leave the checkbox deselected, as you can always change this value later by editing the user. Refer to the product documentation for a complete list of privileges for each user type.

 Click Save to create the new user. After the new user is created, a success message will appear in the top right corner of your window.

 Once the user has been added, the new user will receive a welcome email from WDG Automation with the information they require to login to the tenant and create a password. Your new user will be active and ready to use IBM RPA as a Service.


Add new users – bulk import

 If you have a large number of new users that you want to register in your tenant, it is simpler to import them using the bulk upload, rather than create each user individually. To register multiple users at the same time, once you have logged into your IBM RPA as a Service tenant as an admin, open the left menu option Bulk>Users.

There are two templates available for download so you can define your list of users for bulk upload.

  1. For the CSV Template, click on Download CSV Template
  1. For the XLSX Template, click on Download XLSX Template

After downloading one of the template files, according to your preference, use it to create a file with your users' definitions. In the user file, provide each user’s name and email address and a starting password. Ensure the names contain only upper and/or lowercase alphabetic characters and spaces but no special characters. For regular users, enter FALSE in the isAdmin column, for admins, enter TRUE. If you have groups defined, enter the names of the groups this user will be associated with separated by a semi-colon ‘;’. When you have completed building your users file, upload it to the tenant in the File field by browsing for your file and then clicking on Register. Note that the Register button will only be enabled once a file is selected.

After the new users have been registered using the bulk load method, you will see a confirmation message on the top right of the window to indicate the bulk registration was successful.

Your new users will now be active and ready to use IBM RPA as a Service.  Unlike the individual add user method, however, with the bulk add user method the users will not automatically receive a welcome email from WDG Automation with the information they require to login to the tenant. It is recommended that you send an email directly to each of the users you added with your tenant information and the starting password that you defined in your users file. When the users login for the first time, they will need to use that starting password, but they can then change the password to one of their own choice.

In this article I introduced two approaches to add new users to a tenant for IBM RPA as a Service. In my next posting, I’ll describe some more admin features for managing your tenant.