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Watson Orchestrate: Your Digital Employee

By Gabriel Marte Blanco posted Wed June 15, 2022 12:27 PM


Drumroll please........i

IBM Watson Orchestrate, your key to the future of work, starting with your very own digey!! 

Your digey is a digital employee powered by AI and automation and designed to support the unique work of your team in the tools you already use. Let digital employees handle your frustrating and time-consuming tasks - so your team can cross of their must-dos and focus on the want-to-dos. 

business landscape has seen a pretty significant shift in terms of needs and priority (do the words "Great Resignation" or "Remote work" sound familiar?). Pair that with staggering statistics showing major workforce transformation - 4.3 million people have quit their jobs in the United States, a pandemic-era record - growing complexity and labor shortages and we have a recipe for chaos and dysfunction. 
IBM Watson Orchestrate solves the hassle of your everyday work pains by providing you and your team with your very own digital employees (digeys) to automate, manage, and optimize work. 
  • Need to quickly send an email to a long list of people? Ask your digey
  • Need to create a job requisition and get an updated job description from a hiring manager? Ask your digey
  • Need to collect and share out the action items from a meeting? Ask your digey
With digital employees, you can eliminate the copy and pasting, clicking from system to system, and countless hours spent on learning and training. Watson Orchestrate's digital employees can learn new skills, collaborate with teammates via natural language, and showcase the ROI, scaling the impact of current employees in minutes without increasing the cost.
Continue reading or check out the information below for some examples of how we envision teams from finance to sales to human resources will be to see value with digital employees from IBM Watson Orchestrate.

A digital employee is an
Watson Orchestrate's digital employees are where the magic happens. But what makes them so unique? Digital employees possess three key elements:
  • Identity
  • Planning
  • Context
So what do these mean? Identity refers to a digital employee's ability to possess its own credentials to perform actions within a system. For example, you can make a user in Salesforce for your digital employee and assign it the permission of a Salesforce Admin so it can perform Admin level tasks. This ensures you are able to provide the appropriate permissions for your digital employee. However, identity is two-fold. It also means your digital employee is able to identify who it is working with so it can ensure it only provides the appropriate capabilities or data visibility to that individual to protect the business. 
Planning refers to a digital employee's ability to mix and match skills on the fly to achieve the desired outcomes. A great example we like to give is the command, "Email the sales quote to Ben." While this seems like one skill - sending email, it is really composed of two skills - looking up an email address for Ben and sending the email. Watson Orchestrate is able to intelligently sequence these skills to perform the action. 
Lastly, context. Context is the idea of memory or remembering and ensures you don't have to start from the beginning every time you engage with your digital employee. Building on the previous example, I could say something like, "Email the sales quote to Ben," followed by, "create a task in Asana for him to approve the sales quote." Because of context, the digital employee is able to know and retain that you are still talking about Ben and perform the requested action.
While it might sound complicated, getting started with Watson Orchestrate's digital employees is in fact quite easy! They are trained with skills to perform job-specific functions from a catalog of innate and prebuilt automation skills, with no need to code to integrate into your workplace, allowing for an easy-to-use experience from day 1.

Watson Orchestrate use case
Watson Orchestrate's ability to learn new skills and integrate them into multiple business tools enables it to be used in many different contexts and for many different purposes. For example, within the Human Resources department, Watson Orchestrate's digital HR employee can be utilized to support the HR team.
IBM's HR department uses HiRo, a digital HR business partner from Watson Orchestrate, to help with the nomination and approval process for quarterly promotions within IBM Consulting. HiRo can initiate the nomination process with managers using an email template to collect nominee data from managers and aggregate nomination submissions. As the nominations are completed, HiRo connects to WorkDay to access employee records and display reports to determine the best candidates. Then, while managers focus on higher-value tasks, HiRo initiates and monitors the approval workflow for promotions all on its own and completes the tasks for the HR team to review and approve, saving hours of time-consuming work. This is just the beginning of what HiRo, and other Watson Orchestrate digital employees can do for you. Find more details about HiRo in action here: https://www.ibm.com/case-studies/ibm-human-resources-watson-orchestrate/

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Join the future of AI automation. Explore more with IBM
Watson Orchestrate at https://www.ibm.com/products/watson-orchestrate.




Mon July 18, 2022 08:30 PM

It is really great to see a disruptive and no-code solution that will transform the way companies and people work with higher efficiency and focused on the value for the customer.
Will business users be able to automate their tasks with Watson Orchestrate?

Sun July 17, 2022 05:22 PM

Interesting. How many hours were saved? Curious as to who on the HR team is managing the digey to make sure there are no errors? How much time does that take?