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How do you know if you’ve missed anything in your risk processes? Part 1: Blueworks Live & OpenPages Integration overview

By Filip Lou posted Thu June 15, 2023 02:50 AM


Today businesses need to ensure that they have an accountable governance, risk and compliance (GRC) management system, as it is the building blocks of a sustainable and mature organisation. Risks and controls don’t exist in isolation but are part of a larger business context. Having the ability to visualise that business context will allow you to better organise, anticipate and evaluate your overall risk levels.

Why OpenPages users need process visibility

IBM OpenPages is a world leading GRC solution that helps organisations document, report on and manage ongoing Risk and Control measures.

Blueworks Live now allows OpenPages users to create visual process diagrams and link them back to risks and controls.

This allows you to see the sequence, location and number of risks or controls and how much they contribute to the overall risk of a business process.

In a world where security is paramount and threats are ever increasing, having full context and complete visibility reduces your overall compliance risk.


This is where Blueworks Live comes in. 


Blueworks Live allows business people to discover & document business processes in a collaborative fashion.

Its repository uses a hierarchical structure to capture business processes across all layers of an organisation. 


Its visual web-based designer provides a drag & drop to create process maps, document task attributes and playback process scenario's. These task attributes allow a business user to incorporate OpenPages risks & controls as part of a process activity as well as the overall process map.


The illustration below shows how a business user during editing in BlueWorks Live can select an OpenPages risk from a list and associate it to a process task.


 The list of associated risks and controls are then visible and clickable when a business user browses the process map


 Upon clicking the link the correct OpenPages location pops up.



The data between OpenPages and Blueworks Live can be automatically synced and updated to avoid re-keying of data and possible data entry issues


Blueworks Live is SAAS based and can be rapidly deployed in an organisation without the need to install any software. Clients have been able to realise business benefits within a short period of adopting the platform.


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