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Why I'm Excited for IBM Automation Document Processing

By Eric Walk posted Tue November 10, 2020 05:22 PM

I think my recent post on our blog expressed this excitement pretty head on, but I think it's a point worth reiterating. This new Automation Document Processing capability (coming in the December Cloud Pak for Automation release) is extremely exciting.

As enterprises around the world are moving forward on their digital transformation journeys, the demands on capture solutions are starting to evolve quite rapidly. AI and ML solutions have been appearing in the market but almost exclusively as SaaS only options. This has led to many complex multi-cloud security nightmares. With IBM packaging everything you need for deep learning based classification and intelligent extraction into the deploy anywhere Cloud Pak model, the questions about what data is being routed and stored where can be put to bed for good. Clients can take back control of their customer's data and still get the benefits of advanced AI technologies.

In my previous blog, I explored an example of bank loan packages. This kind of technology can also be applied, in the exact same way, to insurance claims, order forms and invoices, bank statements and more. The flexibility of the tooling is one of its greatest strengths. It comes pre-trained with examples of dozens of common use-cases, but allows you to add custom training to meet your specific requirements.

I know it's odd to get this excited for a first cut of a product. This is different because it is the culmination of years of investment by IBM--it inherits the work done for the Automation Content Analyzer product and builds on it by natively integrating the features into the Cloud Pak for Automation platform.