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Join the Call for Code Global Challenge for free access to IBM RPA and a chance to win $200,000 USD!

By Emily Hagopian posted Thu August 18, 2022 02:31 PM


Join the Call for Code global challenge to develop tech solutions for a greener future!

IBM RPA is now available for free to all Call for Code participants! Read this blog to learn how to sign up for the Call for Code challenge, get free access to IBM RPA for 3 months and develop a solution to win a prize of up to $200,000 USD! 

Note: The 2022 challenge has ended, but you can still try RPA at the link below. Watch the community for a 2023 challenge. 

About the Global Challenge

How can technology improve sustainable production, consumption, and management of resources, reduce pollution creation, and protect biodiversity to create a greener future?

As part of the 5th annual Call for Code Global Challenge, design and build an open source solution in the cloud to take on a sustainability issue. We're calling on teams of developers and problem solvers to leverage open innovation and develop technology solutions that address specific global sustainability problems in unique, clearly demonstrable ways. The top Global Challenge solution receives implementation support from IBM and the Call for Code ecosystem to make a real impact in the communities with the greatest need.

As the United Nations recently emphasized in their 2022 climate report, impactful sustainability actions are needed now to curb the worst consequences of climate change. Sustainability practices and solutions need to benefit all communities, but especially those communities that have been marginalized and polluted in the past. Technology is key, as it can provide effective, scalable solutions to address sustainability challenges.

By participating in the Global Challenge, in addition to the chance to win prizes and implementation support, you’ll build critical skills for yourself and your team and contribute to projects that have the potential to help our planet.

Learn where to get started


The challenge has now ended, but look for the 2023 challenge or access a trial of IBM RPA here.

We can't wait to see what you will build. Good Luck!

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Mon October 17, 2022 04:54 AM

Hello,Is the challenge still running?