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IBM Blueworks Live March 2024 Release Available Now

By Drew Sens posted Sat March 30, 2024 06:00 PM


Welcome to the March 2024 Release of IBM Blueworks Live!

In this release of IBM Blueworks Live we are introducing new APIs to enhance your experience and streamline your workflow. Below are the key additions in this release:

New APIs Introduced:

  • BPMN 2.0 Import API: Seamlessly import BPMN 2.0 files into our system, enabling you to integrate complex process models effortlessly.
  • Create and Update Policy APIs: Easily create and update your policies using these APIs, allowing for quick adjustments and modifications as needed.
  • Update Documentation API: Keep your documentation up-to-date by utilizing this API to efficiently manage and edit your processes.
  • Update Process Details API: Enhance process management by updating process details programmatically, ensuring accuracy and consistency across other platforms.

Our product now fully supports the latest version of the OpenAPI specification, offering improved functionality and compatibility. This update brings a host of improvements aimed at enhancing the usability and completeness of our API reference, ensuring a smoother and more comprehensive experience for our users. 

How to Get Started:
To begin leveraging these new APIs, refer to our updated documentation for detailed instructions on integration and usage.

1. Blueprints Artifact Authoring APIs
The new APIs enables users to import and update blueprints programmatically. The APIs are rate-limited at 200 requests per hour, and can be called in batches to perform bulk creation and updation of blueprints.

2. Policies Artifact Authoring APIs
These APIs allows creation and updation of Policies within Blueworks Live. The APIs are rate-limited at 200 requests per hour. For uploading Files to policies, users can use the existing FileUpload API.

Removal of Deprecated Features
1. Basic Authentication for APIs has been discontinued. Users are encouraged to use the User Service IDs instead. 
2. V1 Output format has been removed from the ExcelExport API.

There are no new deprecations with this release:

We are committed to continuously improving our product to meet your evolving needs and provide you with a seamless user experience.

Thank you for your continued use of IBM Blueworks Live, and we look forward to seeing how these new APIs enhance your workflows.