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IBM Document Processing Extension (DPE) Now Available

By Drew Sens posted Wed November 22, 2023 10:00 AM


     Introducing IBM Document Processing Extension (DPE), a light-weight version of IBM Automation Document Processing (ADP). For clients of Datacap and other IBM business automation products, such as Workflow, Decisions, RPA, and others, DPE combines AI with deep learning and low-code tools to simplify implementation and enhance accuracy for their document classification and metadata extraction needs. Trained models can be easily applied to recognize various document types, including invoices, bills, purchase orders, tax forms, and more. This flexibility enables the creation of intelligent document processes and the extension of applications to leverage uncovered patterns and insights.

Better with Datacap - DPE and IBM Datacap work synergistically to form a complete Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) solution:

  • infuse modern machine learning based extraction in their document processing, without requiring data science skills to build from scratch
  • use AI with no-code tooling that empowers knowledge workers to quickly deploy intelligent document processing applications without specialized skills or thousands of document examples
  • classify and extract key data from unstructured document to add intelligence to their document processing
  • improve responsiveness, operational agility and productivity through automated conversion of unstructured content to structured data processing

DPE is a light-weight version of ADP that features:

  • design time components of ADP
  • smaller footprint than full ADP
  • easy to install in minutes
  • works seamlessly with Datacap
  • deploy to production faster, with less IT resources and dependencies

DPE is different from the full version of ADP:

  • does not contain the human verify UI; Datacap will continue to be used for verification
  • eliminates the Filenet repository under the covers. Datacap will continue to be used for batch storage and export services
  • takes advantage of Docker for its runtime environment, offering a lightweight and cost-effective implementation