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The Need For Business Automation

By DAVID Jenness posted Fri August 04, 2023 07:20 AM


Alberto Jimenez has done a lot of thinking about Business Automation. As the Vice President of Business Automation for IBM, he oversees a large portfolio of products – the extensive set of tools that this Community encompasses.  And while we spend a lot of time and effort to share tips and tricks for using those tools as well as Best Practices for designing, developing and deploying solutions built with those tools, Alberto has spent time analyzing the underlying worldwide economic and demographic forces shaping the global business landscape that are driving the growth of Business Automation.

As keynote for the Midwest User Group’s annual two-day get together, which returned to Acuity World Headquarters in Sheboygan, Wisconsin on July 26 and 27, Alberto presented his thought-provoking viewpoint to set the tone for the event. Pulling data from a wide variety of research sources, he tells a story built on the history of automation and its underlying drivers, the types of work that can be automated, and drawing from population data from all over the world, the human resources available today – and more importantly – in the near future as populations all over the world age and change.

Hear for yourself from this live recording of Alberto from the Midwest User Group.  It should be included in every university-level MBA program in the world.