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The Practitioners: The Intelligent Document Processing Conversation Parts 1 and 2 with Dan Ouimet

By DAVID Jenness posted Mon July 31, 2023 10:29 AM


The Practitioners, the Q&A Format with Business Automation Subject Matter Experts, created by the Public Sector User Group, returned Wednesday, August 2 for the second installment of our conversation with Dan Ouimet on Datacap, Intelligent Document Processing, and the onramp to Digital Transformation.

If you missed The Practitioners in June, you can see it here (and you’ll see why Part 2 became the necessary). 25 years after the vision of the paperless office, there remains great interest in documents and how to best recognize, extract and leverage the data on them.

And now for Part 2, the "Return of Dan Ouimet," which was just as engaging as the first episode.

Between the two episodes, you'll get an accurate look at what's new and what's happening in document processing at IBM.