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Process Mining – Creating New Value When Deployment Experts And Development Collaborate

By DAVID Jenness posted Tue June 13, 2023 10:29 AM


Did you miss it? In April, IBM announced a new software release of five Process Mining Applications that resulted from a collaboration between IBM Software and IBM Consulting. It illuminates the unique value that IBM can create when combining the experience and expertise of IBM Consulting and the vision and worldwide development resources of IBM Software.  Join us for a fascinating discussion on Thursday, June 15 at 10 AM ET for an IBM Fireside Chat- Transforming Your Business by Putting Automation at the Core.

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This session will be a conversation between Bill Lobig, Vice President of Product Management for IBM Automation, and Tom Ivory, Vice President and Global Leader of Automation Consulting. The moderator will be Karen Jaworski, Program Director of Product Marketing for IBM Business Automation.  Also on the bill are Leslie Chau, Director Product Management, Process Mining and Amitabha Mitra, Global Offerings Leader, IBM Automation Advisory Services.

Why Process Mining?

If you talk to a veteran of Business Process Management, they often complain about how difficult it used to be to figure out how a process actually worked as they started on designing an automated workflow.  Some people knew about the part that they did, but often, no one knew how the entire process worked.  Worse still, different employees did the same process in different ways, creating problems downstream. Most of all, it was almost impossible to determine how much a process was costing the organization, to be able to build a reliable business case.

Process Mining has changed all that.

Process mining applies data science to discover, validate and improve business processes.  By combining data mining and process analytics, organizations can mine log data from their information systems to visualize all the pathways of their processes, revealing bottlenecks and other areas of improvement. Even better, using IBM Process Mining, an organization can “imagine” an automated process, create a “Digital Twin” of that process and compare it against the real-world process to determine how much money and time will be saved by automating.

Why Process Mining Apps?

Where does Process Mining get the data?  From information systems, such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) or Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools, which provide an audit trail for each process with log data. To accelerate adoption of Process Mining, the five Process Mining Applications will help users to achieve their goals faster, with less effort, and greater impact.

The five Process Mining Apps address the most common automated process use cases for IBM customers, including IT Service Management for ServiceNow, Sustainable procurement, Mortgage Lending, Lead-to-Cash, and Software Development Lifecycle for GitHub.

Join us for this informative conversation that will provide a greater perspective on process Mining and how you can gain faster value from its ground-breaking capabilities.

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