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The Practitioners, June 8 - What's New for IBM Intelligent Document Processing

By DAVID Jenness posted Mon June 05, 2023 11:18 AM


Recently, I was asked to gather some IBM Business Automation customers to sit in a focus group where IBM’s own Line-of-Business Leaders shared how they are using IBM Automation Technology to automate IBM’s internal processes. We saw Watson Orchestrate in action for Human Resources and Business Automation Workflow used to handle Employee Concerns, but I was especially interested to see Automation Document Processing (ADP) used in a sophisticated Global Purchase Order Management system.  They even shared a demo of ADP humming along capturing purchase orders, extracting data, and registering them.  Since the process was previously completely manual, the benefits in error-reduction have a positive ripple effect throughout the process. 10% of all customer disputes were due to incorrect data entry on purchase orders and the presenter estimated this solution was saving IBM $1.7 Million in reduction of disputes and the cost of operations.

It's time to revisit Automation Document Processing.  The June episode of “The Practitioners,” a series conceived by the Public Sector User Group and open to all who wish to attend, will take place at 12 Noon ET on Thursday, June 8 and you are invited.  Click here and press the blue RSVP button and you are in!

Dan Ouimet, Program Director, IBM Intelligent Document Processing

Our special guest is Daniel Ouimet, IBM’s Worldwide Program Director for Document Processing. He’ll present an update on Automation Document Processing, with a look at some of the new enhancements and features, including some new innovations. For example, did you know that IBM Research has developed its own Optical Character Recognition engine?  Read about it here.  Dan will have some news about IBM OCR and ADP.

If you follow analysts in the Document Management world, you’ll remember the annual Capture Market Matrix published by Harvey Spencer & Associates, which is now published by Infosource.  IBM has always been placed in the leadership position, due to the innovations in ADP, but also the stalwart capabilities of Datacap’s heavy duty batch processing capture machine.  You can read more about here. Below is the latest Matrix at a glance.

Join us Thursday for a look behind the scenes at why IBM is so highly rated and don’t forget to bring your questions, about ADP, Datacap, IBM OCR and anything else related to Intelligent Document processing.  This is a special opportunity to hear from Dan. I hope to see you there.