Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

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An IBM Learning Update – Online Courses to Master IBM Robotic Processing Automation

By DAVID Jenness posted Tue February 28, 2023 10:27 AM


Our Community is the place to get answers about IBM software, find out about upcoming events, meet your peers, and most certainly, increase your knowledge of IBM Business Automation software capabilities with workshops, hands-on-labs and on-line learning courses. 

The team at IBM RPA has created a series of on-line courses that you can get started on and work through at your own pace. Each has. Learning path designed to illuminate the problems and solutions for common RPA use cases. At any time, you can download the IBM RPA 30-day free trial and put your new knowledge to work. 

According to the designers, the courses are built for an audience that knows programming concepts, understands regular expression, and have some experience with RPA.  Each course includes activities and sample scripts and concludes with a test.

Here’s four courses for IBM RPA:

Default Roles of the IBM Robotic Process Automation – Learn the five default roles that organizations can leverage to manage bots and users (platform administrator, Tenant administrator, Business user, Business operator and Bot developer).


Solution Developer: IBM Robotic Process Automation – This is the comprehensive course for learning IBM RPA. Start with a series of Foundational courses, move up to Intermediate and then Advanced. There are 18 courses and six possible badged, most have no cost associated.


Orchestration with IBM Robotic Process Automation - Three modules will teach you what an orchestration process is, how to develop scripts to be orchestrated, and the management of an orchestration on IBM RPA control center.

Integrating IBM RPA with External APIs - Learn about APIs and how to integrate IBM RPA with Web APIs by developing scripts with HTTP and SOAP requests.