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Automation Exposé – Automating Data Governance at a Major U.S. Bank on Thursday, November 17

By DAVID Jenness posted Mon November 14, 2022 10:03 AM


It’s time to talk about data governance. We’ve put it off for long enough. In Automation, we like to build cool applications with RPA, Artificial Intelligence, and Intelligent Workflows, but we need to spend time on the fundamentals, people. We need to talk about data governance.

Scott Burt is just the guy to help us. As VP of Corporate Strategy for IBM Business Partner Innovative Driven, and previously CEO of Integro, he has amassed several decades experience helping organizations organize and secure their content and data.

   Scott Burt of Innovative Driven

Let’s do this!

In the next episode of Automation Exposé, Thursday, November 17 at 11 AM ET, Scott and his team will share a story about building a world class data governance program at a top 25 U.S. Bank.  Click here to RSVP (it’s easy!).

Like many industries, banking is highly regulated, with an ever-shifting landscape of laws that address privacy, disclosure, fraud prevention, anti-money laundering, anti-terrorism, anti-usury lending, and the promotion of lending to lower-income populations. It’s a complex environment that requires a disciplined approach to “Information architecture.” Meaning that a bank needs to be very thoughtful about structuring where data should be stored, who can have access to it, how long it should be retained, and what should happen in the event of a lawsuit.

Making it more complicated, many large banks in the U.S. achieved growth through an acquisition strategy, which means each new acquisitions brings with it another mountain of data. With data privacy laws following the lead of Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) becoming more popular in the U.S., it only adds more pressure to prepare a data governance strategy.

For the bank that Scott and his team were working for, much of its data was spread across shared drives and Microsoft SharePoint systems, with disparate classifications and structures, inherited from each bank acquired. 

In this episode of Automation Exposé, Scott and his team will tell the story of building a world class data governance program at the bank. He’ll take us through the audit process they conducted and then dive into the strategy that helped the bank reduce risk by only retaining data that is of operational, legal, or contractual value, but also offers much better understanding and control of information, while also positioning the bank for unanticipated lawsuits and e-discovery. 

Join us. You’ll be glad that you did.

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