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"The Practitioners" Debuted with Hybrid Cloud Architectures for IBM FileNet Content Manager

By DAVID Jenness posted Fri July 15, 2022 09:34 AM


“The Practitioners” is a new monthly series, conceived by the Public Sector User Group, but open to all who wish to attend and learn. Its goal is to bring together the Automation and ECM professionals who spend their days working with or managing IBM Automation software to focus on deepening expertise on a specific topic. Each session features a special guest, an IBM deep subject matter expert, who has the knowledge and experience to handle questions. It’s a wide open forum and attendees can ask whatever is on their mind.

For the debut of “The Practitioners” on July 14, 2022, IBM Distinguished Engineer Mike Winter took the hot seat to talk about Hybrid Cloud Architectures.  He had a few charts with visual depictions of various Hybrid Cloud strategies (the deck is here), but we quickly left slideware behind as the questions came in fast and furious.

By the end, it was clear that the group had selected a rich topic and it was agreed that more sessions would be valuable, including one on IBM SaaS, which is another deep topic, worthy of a closer look.

Big thanks to Mike Winter for taking any and all comers and for sharing his wisdom and experience with the group. It was an auspicious beginning for a terrific new series. 

You can view the recording here…