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Automation Exposé in June Focuses on Automation for Crime Victims

By DAVID Jenness posted Fri June 17, 2022 10:07 AM


Automation Exposé is a new web series created by our North American Business Automation User Groups, which presents an experienced Automation architect/designer, who shares details on an application that has been built and deployed, and then takes questions from the audience. Since the audience are all Automation practitioners, the Q&A segment can get pretty technical, but it also covers the human and business side of Automation, such as Best Practices for change management, new ways to discover and map processes, and how ROIs are calculated.

In other words, it’s all about the practical side of Automation.

The series goes live on the Third Thursday of every month, and on June 16, Dan Heselbarth, Vice President of Digital Transformation at enChoice, took his place on the hot seat to discuss the Award-winning application at the State of Texas called the Crime Victims Compensation System.

Dan Heselbarth, VP of Digital Transformation at enChoice.

After a short introduction of the application and all the moving parts, the Q&A commenced. It was a fascinating discussion, which covered the evolution of the application, which first replaced an aging mainframe application and then expanded with many case management capabilities available in IBM Business Automation Workflow. Dan also covered details on the portal built to help claimants, law enforcement and healthcare track claims and payments and shared some of the enhancements being considered leveraging IBM Robotic Process Automation and Decision Management.

You can view the recording of the full session here.