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Automation Exposé June 16 at 11 AM ET – A Close Look at Complex Crime Victim Compensation Solution Built for the State of Texas

By DAVID Jenness posted Thu June 09, 2022 03:53 PM


My son and I went to a car show last weekend, held in the parking lot of a dying shopping mall. There were classic American cars, European rarities, hot rods and just plain weird concept cars. We picked up a couple hot dogs and walked one end to other. Every car was facing the promenade area with its hood up, so we could stop and chat with the owner and look at the engine. And somewhere along the way, it hit me, that is exactly what we are doing with the ”Automation Expose” series.

Our North American IBM Automation User Groups have gotten together to create an on-line series where an Automation practitioner, designer, architect or project manager lifts up the hood on a solution, which they have personally built, and we get to ask them all about it.

This month, on Thursday, June 16 at 11 AM ET (RSVP here), we are very lucky to feature Dan Heselbarth, VP of Digital Transformation for enChoice, who is joining to talk about an application that was at the forefront of Automation when it started and has continued to evolve, the Crime Victim Compensation System (CVCS), built for State of Texas.

Dan Heselbarth, VP, Digital Transformation, enChoice

The CVCS story has many facets, all relevant to those working in Automation today. It started as a modernization project, moving an old solution off the mainframe and into a more modern user experience. But it’s also an Automation Journey that continued to evolve as Dan and the customer added new capabilities available in the IBM FileNet suite of Content and Case Management solutions. And it’s also the story of how an Automation project is dependent on having a strong customer advocate on the other side of the table who can help set the right expectations and encourage patience and perseverance until the solution starts to deliver results.

Clearly, there’s a lot under the hood!

Dan will get us started with a description of the solution. Essentially, the State of Texas offers eligible crime victims support services and compensation for lost wages, all of which have to be tracked and managed.  CVCS offers claim input and management, a sophisticated reporting capability and a portal where victims, law enforcement, healthcare professionals and others can get visibility into each case.

He'll describe the evolution of CVCS, which has many similarities to the types of projects that IBM Automation practitioners face.  “We had lots of challenges along the way, because finding people that could help us uncover the right requirements and identify what was intended in the original solution was difficult,” says Heselbarth.  “We started as a waterfall project, but it evolved into more of an iterative approach.”

So grab a hot dog and come on down. Dan will pop the hood and answer all your questions.  RSVP here.