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"Think Outside The Bot" – Novadoc Automates and Reinvents the Survey

By DAVID Jenness posted Thu April 07, 2022 12:51 PM


Organizations rely on surveys to take the temperature of their customers, employees and partners. We’ve all become quite used to being offered a chance to take a survey on our experience using a product or service. The team at Novadoc, an IBM Business Partner, realized that if they built a way to add Intelligence and Automation to the Survey experience, they would both prove their mastery of RPA for the IBM Build-a-Bot Challenge and create a new solution that Novadoc can take to market.

“We had been thinking about a way to improve surveys for a while,” explained Novadoc’s Rudolf Oosthuizen. “When the contest was announced, we realized IBM RPA might be just the tool we need to orchestrate what we had in mind.” Oosthuizen teamed with colleague Sameh Abdallah to build the application and create the contest submission, which includes a video demo and presentation that communicates what it’s all about.

Their solution, “Smart Survey Bot,” was named “Most Innovative” by the IBM Build-a-Bot Challenge judging committee.  As you can see in the below diagram, there are different ways to create a survey in Smart Survey Bot and then a series of integrated technologies to analyze the results and actually begin to take action on the results to reward survey-takers or make improvements in areas called out in the survey.  The solution integrates IBM Watson NLU Sentiment analysis for analysis, Decision Management to determine next steps, and Workflow to put the next steps to work.

In this video, you can see the team’s short video demo that shows the IBM RPA solution at work.

The “Think Outside The Bot” series includes an interview with participants in the contest and I had the pleasure of speaking with both Rudolf and Sameh.  They discussed their strategy, learning and working with IBM RPA, and where they go next.