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“Think Outside The Bot” Video Series Debuts with HOPE

By DAVID Jenness posted Sun March 27, 2022 12:26 PM


The best part of putting on a hackathon is seeing and sharing with the world what the contestants built. Starting December 15, IBM offered three Challenges to be completed by January 31, 2022: Improve a Workplace Problem, Solve a Client Problem (for Business Partners) or Address a Social Problem. IBM Business Partner Prolifics submitted one for each category and two submissions were announced as winners.

We’re featuring the Third Place winner, “Hope,” in our new video series, “Think Outside The Bot.” Designed and developed by Surabhi Baghel and Mayuri Wagh of Prolifics, HOPE takes on the worldwide social challenge of Depression. You can see IntelliDocs, the First Prize winner, also from Prolifics, on the next episode of “Automation Expose,” Thursday, April 21 at 11 AM ET. 

Before taking on the challenge, the team did their research and there’s evidence that depression is a growing worldwide problem.  Surabhi explained that while caring for her mother, who suffered from post-Covid complications, she visited hospitals and experienced first-hand the toll that two years of Pandemic have taken on the emotional well-being of so many people.

Baghel and Wagh used IBM RPA in conjunction with the PHQ-9 mental health questionnaire to offer organizations an easy way to help identify citizens, students or employees who may need help. They used the IBM RPA Chatbot feature to offer an anonymous way for people to participate and also AI to help analyze survey results and identify candidates for follow-up help.

To understand how it works, here is the short demo they submitted as part of the Challenge…

I recently had a conversation with both Baghel and Wagh about the Challenge and got their perspective on why they selected the Challenge, their experience with IBM RPA, and what they learned along the way.  Enjoy this first Episode of "Think Outside The Bot."