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"Automation Exposé" Starts Strong with the Veterans Benefit Administration

By DAVID Jenness posted Mon March 21, 2022 11:19 AM


The debut of "Automation Exposé" on March 17 got off to an auspicious start with Lindsay Elliott-Foose taking the audience inside the creation of the Automation Claims Document Processing solution at the Veterans Benefit Administration (VBA).

She described two years of design and development work, showed the solution in action, and shared some important lessons that any Automation practitioner could take away and begin to use.

Among the many interesting points delivered by Lindsay was the concept that if you automate all the easy work in a process, the people who were doing the easy work now are left with only difficult work.  Her advice was to work closely with field workers to understand their experience and incorporate their perspectives into the Automation journey.

There were a lot more nuggets of wisdom and experience in Lindsay’s talk. If you missed it, or you’d like to share it with a colleague, you can watch the recording below.

"Automation Exposé" is a monthly series sponsored by IBM’s North American Automation User Groups where designers, developers, architects and project managers share an application they’ve built, including all the gory details, and the audience can ask questions. The next episode happens Thursday, April 21 at 11 AM ET.