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Think Outside The Bot Interview Series - Episode One: CUNY Global Student

By DAVID Jenness posted Mon March 07, 2022 11:38 AM


Here’s the first in a series of interviews with IBM Build-a-Bot Challenge winners. I had the pleasure of speaking with Steven Moukhametzia of Brooklyn College about his team’s Award-winning Application, called “CUNY Global Student.”  

City University of NY (CUNY) is a system of 25 colleges in New York City, whose mission is to provide world class education to any New York City resident who wants one.  Steven and his team realized that they could use IBM Robotic Process Automation – combined with some IBM Watson technologies and other elements, to help CUNY achieve this mission by making Educational Resources, such as textbooks, which can be out of affordable range for many New York City residents, easily available for free. They also added a tutoring capability, where students can request help and schedule time with a tutor themselves.

Of the six winners of the IBM Build-a-Bot Challenge, three submissions were from students, who are bring top notch ideas to Automation and holding their own quite handily with some experienced IBM Business Partners and developers.  Congratulations to Steven and his team. We’ll be hearing from other members of his team as the series continues…