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See Watson Orchestrate In Action - IBM Human Resources Puts It To Work

By DAVID Jenness posted Wed January 12, 2022 08:40 AM

After interviewing many of the players involved in the conception and development of Watson Orchestrate, the new AI-powered Automation product that enables a digital worker to join a team and execute tasks on command, it was thrilling to see a real user use it to build an application. But not just a proof of concept, but one that will go into production in 2022.

Jon Lester, Director of Transformation and Service Delivery for IBM Human Resources, saw the Watson Orchestrate presentation at Think 2021 by IBM CEO Arvind Krishna and thought, "I can do something with that."  He engaged the team and they built an application for Watson Orchestrate to join the HR team and help with the complex process of promoting employees.

In the November episode of "Automation Reaction," IBM's Product Manager for Watson Orchestrate, Salman Sheikh shares the patented concepts underpinning the product, and the Jon takes over and it is a great story.

I repost here, because this is a great example of innovation in action.