NYC ECM Metropolitan User Group (EMUG)

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Year End Thanks To The ECM Metropolitan User Group

By DAVID Jenness posted Thu December 23, 2021 11:58 AM


The ECM Metropolitan User Group (EMUG) typically brings together IBM ECM and Automation users from Connecticut, New York and New Jersey (sometimes further) every November for a live full-day get-together followed by a hang a local watering hole. Since the Pandemic began, however, the group hasn’t been able to host a live event, so EMUG President Paul Cortellesi was delighted to be one of the “Open Houses” during the November Community Festival.

He even went a step further and presented with Gene Stackov of enChoice the strategy and lessons learned during the migration of their on-prem FileNet system to Cloud and AI, specifically, the importance of revamping the taxonomy in their information architecture. As the saying goes, “AI requires IA.”

It’s an essential Best Practice and Paul and Gene did a great job of telling the story of what they did and why. If you missed the 60-minute session, here is a recording of the talk.

Thank you all for your participation in this User Group in 2021.  I hope to see you all next year.