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IBM Digital Business Automation - Highlights From IBM Community Festival

By DAVID Jenness posted Thu December 23, 2021 01:59 PM


One of the big accomplishments from the last half of 2021 was the IBM Community Festival that the Community team curated, staged, and delivered in November.  All in all, we counted more than 38,000 participants from Business Partners, customers and IBMers over 5 days.

All the IBM Communities were featured, but if you are engaged in Automation, you had 40 sessions to choose from, with more than 75 speakers. 18 IBM Champions also took the stage.  Among the Keynotes, were IBM Automation General Manager, Dinesh Nirmal, and Automation Vice Presidents Bill Lobig, Jessica Rockwood, and Ed Lynch.

The Business Automation Track featured keynotes, User Groups and special topics and showed the vitality of the sector. In case you want to spend some time reviewing a session, you want to share with a colleague or if you missed it, I’ve embedded the Business Automation Track below.  I’d be very happy if you let us know what sessions were valuable, what we can do better, and what you want to hear about in 2022.  Until soon, have a Happy Holidays and let’s make a positive 2022 together!

User Group Open Houses

We invited Business Automation User Groups to have an Open House to invite any and all to meet the principals, see what the group is all about and host a session of value.

Public Sector User Group - See an End-to End Solution built for the U.S. Veterans Benefit Administration


Capture User Group – Petra Beck from Infosource gives the Analyst View


ECM Metropolitan User Group – Change Your ECM Taxonomy for Cloud Readiness (A case study from Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

Midwest User Group -
See the New Lightweight Business Automation Workflow Tool


Inspiration / Aspiration

 We also invited some Business Automation Subject Matter Experts to dig into some of the things you can do with IBM Business Automation tools.

 Using AI and IBM RPA to Track Customer Needs - Salient Process shares their Finalist Bot from the 2021 Build-A-Bot Competition

Leadership Talks

Business Automation Strategy and Roadmap

Business Automation VP Ed Lynch teamed up with Program Director Bill Lawton to share the strategy of the Business Automation portfolio and the latest capabilities.

Business Automation Keynote - The Future of Digital Labor


Innovation In Automation

IBM VP Bill Lobig had a conversation with analyst Alan Pelz-Sharpe about what innovation means for Automation and then we get an exclusive look at some new developments coming out of the IBM Research Lab at M.I.T. from IBM Director Merve Unuvar.

Innovation Day Special Report -  Innovation in AI-Powered Automation