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“Automation Reaction” Gets The Best Reaction on November 18 at 1 PM ET

By DAVID Jenness posted 18 days ago


There’s a very special episode of Automation Reaction coming up Thursday, November 18 at 1 PM ET, which features Watson Orchestrate, a new innovation from IBM Business Automation that empowers a Digital Worker to assume a set of skills, join a team, and get to work. Click here to register and attend to see the next dimension of AI-powered automation.

If you’ve seen it before, you know that Automation Reaction usually features an IBMer showing off a new product and then a Community member user reacts to it.

This one takes the concept quite a bit further. 

Watson Orchestrate was first announced by Arvind at Think 2021 in May. It wasn’t yet a product; it was concept, albeit a very exciting one. A call went out for organizations to experience it and build out a proof of concept to see how it might add value.  Several companies took up the challenge, including IBM Human Resources, who instantly saw an opportunity for a Digital Worker to help in several HR processes.

Six months later, IBM’s Director of Service Delivery for HR, Jon Lester will show us what they built. IBM HR has a history of using cutting edge Automation to manage its global workforce, including a broad AI-powered chatbot system that helps IBMers navigate the information-rich world of IBM HR. “We have a pretty sophisticated Automation deployment,” says Lester.  “But when I saw Watson Orchestrate, I knew we could find valuable use cases.”

IBM’s Program Director for Watson Orchestrate, Salman Sheikh, will first share what makes Watson Orchestrate unique and how it works to autonomously complete an assignment given to it by a project manager. Its patented technology developed in IBM Research, enables it to determine what skills are needed, in what order, and if more information is needed for a step, how to obtain it. It’s an ambitious vision that takes AI-powered Automation to a whole new level of value for customers.

When we turn to Jon Lester, he will share how he and his team have shaped Watson Orchestrate to help the worldwide team manage promotions within IBM. It’s a solid proof of concept and the team plans to deploy it in live production in 2022 and they have many more applications in the pipeline to design and deploy. Jon will even show a demonstration of Watson Orchestrate in action on behalf of IBM HR managers.

Watson Orchestrate has been on an accelerated path to the market. It’s still in Tech Preview, but rapidly approaching an official release in 2022. Most who have seen it are impressed with its potential, but imagining the possibilities is one thing. Jon Lester’s reaction was to start building a solution to help make IBM HR more effective. And when you see it, you’ll have a better understanding of what Watson Orchestrate really is and how it can have an outsized impact.

I hope to see you there. It's easy to sign up to attend. Click here.