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IBM Community Festival – See for Yourself What “RPA Plus” Means on November 8

By DAVID Jenness posted Fri November 05, 2021 01:17 PM


Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is one of the hottest categories of Automation software over the past 5 years, with RPA vendors raking in revenue and inspiring many mergers and acquisitions. IBM acquired WDG Automation in 2020 to integrate with its IBM Automation platform, for Business Automation use cases, but also IT automation, Customer engagement apps like AI-powered chatbots and much more.

Today, IBM Robotic Process Automation is tightly integrated with IBM Cloud Pak for Business Automation, making developing new applications faster and more effective. It’s that integration that delivers the “Plus.” While RPA can performs lots of low-level tasks, like cutting and pasting data,  launching software apps, and retrieving files, it really starts to deliver value when it’s combined with Decision Management, Capture, Workflow, Artificial Intelligence, and other Automation tools.

Salient Process is a very experienced IBM Business Partner with deep expertise in Business Automation.  When IBM announced a Build-A-Bot Challenge this summer, Salient assembled a team and built a fantastic application that gauges customer sentiment from emails and forums and assigns actions to their client team to make sure customers remain satisfied and fix issues that might arise – before it reaches a critical situation.

It’s a brilliant example of “RPA Plus,” because the solution incorporates decision management, workflow, integration tools, and AI, with RPA tying it all together.  At Community Festival, Monday November 8, at 2:30 PM ET, you can get a chance to see it in action and ask questions.

We’ll be joined by Pooja Jain, Director AI for Salient Process, and the prime architect of the solution, along with Eric Ducos, Salient’s CTO.

Pooja and Eric will talk about their approach to the Challenge, how they picked their solution, how they built a small team, and how they put it all together.  It’s an application that has enormous implications for any business that wants to maintain awareness of their customer’s satisfaction levels and help people in the contact center be proactive.

Have a look at the Solution they built in this short video.

Do join us for Community Festival and see what RPA can do, especially when it’s combined with other Automation capabilities.  Just click here to Join IBM ExpertTV and register for this inspiring session.