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Midwest User Group at Community Day – See The New Lightweight Workflow with a Heavy Return on Investment

By DAVID Jenness posted Wed November 03, 2021 09:26 AM


Community Festival (Nov. 8, 9, 10 and 16, 17) is a chance for all IBM users to catch up with all the new innovation coming out of IBM Development. It’s virtual, so more people can join from anywhere in the world, yet it’s also Community. You will find many participants are on the same type of Automation journey, moving from Digital Transformation to building the Autonomous Business.  To learn more and see the full lineup of sessions, go to ExpertTV and join by clicking here.

IBM Community Festival is devoting a lot of time to User Groups of IBM Automation software, creating a great opportunity to “stop by” and meet the group leaders, hear about their mission and accomplishments, and catch a presentation.

The Midwest User Group is a vibrant group of IBM ECM and Business Automation users, who used to gather in person every year in either Minnesota or Wisconsin for a full day of client presentations, demos, roadmap sessions and lots of great discussion.  For the past two years, they have hosted a full day virtual event that has fast become a favorite of Business Automation users across North America.

Co-presidents Matt Passini of Acuity Insurance, and Michael Custard, from the State of Minnesota, invite you to join them for a special one-hour session on Monday, November 8 at 1:30 PM.  After introductions and orientation on the goals of the group, Michael and Matt will welcome Laurent de Clermont-Tonnerre, Program Director for IBM Workflow, to present a deep look at IBM Workstream Services (IWS), the new low code workflow tool, plus Workplace, a unique portal that provides visibility into all workflows within a company or department.  Laurent will also cover best practices for containerized deployments of IBM BAW and IWS.

If you’re a Midwesterner, you’ll definitely want to see what membership in this vibrant group can do for your career. If you’re using Workflow or considering it, this is a great session to learn about the new stuff that IBM has brought to market.  Click here to join us.