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Gain the Forrester Perspective: Automation Delivers Cost Savings and Revenue Too

By DAVID Jenness posted Tue October 12, 2021 10:41 AM


After a year a half of Pandemic Economics, the conversation about Automation has expanded beyond its origins as a strategy for cost savings.  We saw automation being used to empower a remote workforce with tools to support and monitor operations, digitize processes like driver’s license renewals and employee onboarding to reduce social contact, and intelligent telehealth platforms to support remote healthcare, just to name a few examples.

But it turns out that those organizations that accelerated their digital transformation to adapt to all the disruption of 2020 outperformed their peers significantly. While AI and automation in the enterprise was essential to delivering products and services, the cost reduction element helped many companies with great results on the top and bottom line.

If you need to justify an upcoming investment in Automation or you want understand how to get more impact from Automation, join us on a webcast Wednesday, October 13,  at 11 AM ET, "Go Beyond Efficiency Gains, Automation is All About Growing Revenue," when two veteran analysts from Forrester Research, Craig LeClair and Bernhard Schaffrik, will break it all down for you.

    Bernard Schaffrik, Forrester                         Craig LeClair, Forrester

You’ll learn how organizations in different industries have leveraged intelligent automation to drive process efficiencies AND achieve cost savings for the business.  It’s the kind of important point of view that can make it much easier the next time you need to present a proposal for automation.

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