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What Does Modernization Mean for Automation? On September 22, Business Automation User Group Day Focuses on Keeping Pace

By DAVID Jenness posted Fri September 10, 2021 10:01 AM


More than 65 years ago, Gordon Moore, co-founder of Intel, noticed that computing was dramatically increasing in power, and decreasing in relative cost, at an exponential pace. The insight, known as Moore's Law, has essentially held true, driving increasingly faster change for technology users and spurring the broad rise of digitization, cloud-based computing, artificial intelligence and personal electronics.

With technology evolving faster and faster, the challenge for enterprise IT is simply keeping up. And the longer you put it off, the more difficult it can become.  “How do I get there from here?” is a very common question, being asked in many IBM User Group sessions.

Modernization for Automation is the theme of IBM Business Automation Fall User Group Day, being produced by Vickie Miller of IBM, and the Midwest User Group, under the leadership of Michael Custard of State of Minnesota, and Matt Passini, of Acuity Insurance.

The full day session starts at 10 AM ET on Wednesday, September 22. There will be Client stories, a look at the 2021 IBM Cloud Pak for Business Automation strategy and vision, and detailed roadmap sessions of all IBM Digital Business Automation products.

Here is the link to register:

The Modernization topic will be taken up by team from Innovative Discovery, a longtime IBM DBA Business Partner (formerly Integro). Scott Burt, VP of Corporate Strategy, Mike Prentice, Director, Modernization and Automation, and Martin Willingham, Senior IT Architect, all experienced IBM ECM and Automation experts, will host a panel discussion on what Modernization means for IBM DBA Users and how you can get there from here.

Whether you are a current user of IBM Cloud Pak for Business Automation or using an older product, such as FileNet, Datacap, CMOD, Case Manager, Operational Decision Manager, BPM or CM8, it will be a highly useful discussion.

There’s only one thing that would make it more useful – Your questions!  Write below in the comments the most pressing issue or question that you’d like to have answered.  The Innovative Discovery team is very keen on making sure they are aligned to the topics you most want addressed.

Help us shape the conversation and then register and we’ll see you on September 22.