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The Document As We Know It Is About To Change Forever

By DAVID Jenness posted Thu May 06, 2021 06:32 PM


Eric Walk has a vision for AI and Document Management. As Senior Technical Architect for Perficient, an IBM Business Partner, Walk has put a lot of time into thinking about documents. He looks at IBM’s new AI-powered Automation Document Processing, with its ability to classify and extract much more data than traditional capture systems, and his mind moves on to the next challenge. “Once you can get all that data out of a document, you can begin to build relationships between all the things that matter to a business, or to a customer, and you can go beyond document management to knowledge management,” he says.

Walk points to the development of Knowledge Graph, which uses a graph-structured topology to integrate data. Knowledge Graphs have become increasingly important to support decision and process augmentation based on linked descriptions of entities – objects, events, situations or abstract concepts – with free-form semantics.

Walk explains that organizations can start to link customers, events, dates, terms and conditions, and build a data set that understands the relationship between all of them. “When we reach the point where we have all the data extracted from our documents, we don’t need AI to search for documents that might have the information we need anymore. We simply ask AI to retrieve the answer we’re looking for.”

             Eric Walk of Perficient

You have a couple of opportunities to hear Mr. Walk and his vision coming up in early May. On Friday, May 7, at 11 AM ET, he joins me for “Two Questions About Automation” on IBM ExpertTV.  Sign up for ExpertTV here and then search for Two Questions. After my two questions, we open the lines and you can ask your questions. I’d love to see you there.

Then on May 11, he makes an appearance at IBM Think 2021 in a session number 1893, "Delivering top-line growth: A journey to unlocking siloed data with automation.”  He appears with Eileen Lowry,  Director of IBM Content Services, and Anup Dugar, Manager, Software Development & Document Management at PayPal.  Click here to register and learn more about the session.