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Automation Ninja Series Focuses on IBM RPA on May 5 (and you’ll get a killer Margarita recipe!)

By DAVID Jenness posted Tue May 04, 2021 09:03 AM


There’s a new Process Ninja episode on May 5, focused on IBM’s Robotic Process Automation acquisition. “Become a Task Automation Ninja and Eliminate Your Repetitive Work Activities With IBM RPA” goes live at 11 AM ET. The host and chief Ninja is Bob Spory, IBM DBA’s North American Technical Sales Leader. Bob will open up IBM RPA and show off the low code design studio and how to build and launch bots. “And I’ve decided to reveal my favorite Margarita mix.”

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The Process Ninja series began in 2017 at an IBM Sales Training Event and it was so popular, Bob took it on the road. He soon realized that it would be better as a web series and he’s been rotating through a repertoire of IBM Digital Business Automation tools ever since. “People have enjoyed them, because we make them just laid back, very informative, and not a sales pitch. The whole idea was just to talk about the product in a non-complex way and use minimal slides and spend our time, actually showing the product and answering questions.”

                    Bob Spory

Bob knows you’re not going to master a product in a 40-minute web session, but he believes you’ll be off to a very good start. “What we try to do is show enough so that people get a very good idea of what the technology looks like and the types of problems that it helps solve,” says Bob. “We also provide links to other things that people may find interesting, like self-service videos and tutorials. It's good for customers who are new to Automation, but if you already know it, it’s also good, because you can ask questions and go deeper.”

Bob says the topics are often suggested by customers or IBM Business Partners. He'd love to see some requests, so go ahead and put a comment below if you have an idea for a topic for Bob to showcase in Process Ninja. Or let him know what you think of the session you attended or viewed.  This is the place and Bob is watching for your comments.

There’s a few more Process Ninja sessions coming in June, focused on IBM’s tools for decision management, AI-powered document processing, and workforce orchestration. Sign up for one or all of them here: You can also view previous session recordings, though you’ll have to watch live on Wednesday to get the Margarita recipe!

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