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Announcement: IBM Cloud Pak for Business Automation - A Future Proof Automation Platform

By DAVID Jenness posted Wed March 24, 2021 11:31 AM


A lot of organizations have embarked upon an exercise that they call “future-proofing the roadmap,” which often means taking a good hard look at the software investments already made, analyzing gaps and determining if their IT solutions are capable of supporting their business goals well into the future. This includes looking at the long-term prospects for its vendors and business partners – specifically, do they have the vision and commitment to maintain excellence in their products?

Announced on March 23, 2021, The IBM Cloud Pak for Business Automation is ready for the most rigorous future-proofing evaluation you might want to conduct.

The IBM Cloud Pak for Business Automation offers a platform for developing AI and Automation solutions that can run on-prem, in the cloud or on hybrid cloud. With one investment, clients acquire best-of-breed content management and capture capabilities tightly integrated with intelligent workflow, decision management and robotic process automation. They also benefit from cross-platform capabilities, like a new Process Mining solution to evaluate areas for automation based on operational data, a low code app builder to design new applications, and Business Automation Insights, which collects data from people and applications and offers AI-powered dashboards for organizations to monitor work being done and proactively adjust to achieve better business outcomes.

More than just a collection of capabilities, the IBM Cloud Pak for Business Automation offers a methodology for design and deployment that has four components:

  1. A discovery phase, using a process mining and modeling tool to determine where Automation can bring the most value
  2. Decisions are made on process improvement and areas to automate, based on real data
  3. The design team goes into action using the low code app building tools
Once the application is launched, end users and automated solutions are monitored and ongoing analysis looks for ways to optimize and refine. Here is a quick look at the information management and process capabilities embedded within the IBM Cloud Pak for Business Automation.

IBM offers the industry’s highest rated capture and document processing portfolio, beginning with the newly announced Automation Document Processing IBM Datacap is still IBM’s flagship intelligent document capture solution, with many industry solutions built and extended by IBM Business Partners.

IBM Content Services continues the tradition of excellence established by FileNet Content Management (P8), with the most secure, robust and scalable content management platform in the business. Clients rely on IBM Content Services for a wide variety of use cases, from document management, knowledge management, back office processing, records management, team collaboration, information lifecycle governance and more.

IBM Business Automation Workflow combines the best of IBM’s award-winning IBM Business Process Management (BPM) and IBM Case Manager (on-prem or on Cloud) and offers new capabilities with dashboards for workforce management. A new low code workflow tool puts set up in the hands of business users, who can spin up new workflows in minutes.

IBM Operational Decision Manager automates the policies and procedures of an organization to achieve straight-through processing. When combined with machine learning, ODM can be used for "digital decisioning" to add a new dimension that combines business rules with intelligence to automate complex decisions.  The new low-code Operation Decision Services (ADS) offers a lot of functionality for Business Users to design and deploy.

IBM has integrations to RPA vendors Automation Anywhere, UIPath and Blue Prism, and in 2020, acquired WDG Automation, an acclaimed RPA vendor with a strong history in Chatbots and IT Automation.  This is now part of the Cloud Pak for Business Automation, referred to as IBM RPA, and IBM clients and Business Partners have already begun creating new applications around a variety of use cases from back-office processing to AI-powered chatbots.

Whether you’re ready to build a few robots to solve a problem or design, build and launch a complete end-to-end enterprise application, the IBM Cloud Pak for Business Automation is the platform that offers automation capabilities, integrated with artificial intelligence to automate strategically, improve your processes, and accelerate your business.




Fri April 23, 2021 12:38 PM

We at Datum Solutions have implemented a IBM Cloud Pak for Automation environment with so much ease in such a short time, it certainly spells a great outlook for IBM's continued efforts to streamline and innovate.

Wed March 31, 2021 10:18 AM

Amazing thank you for the overview

Thu March 25, 2021 08:03 AM

Very good brief about IBM Cloud Pak for BA,