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Automation Community Fun Friday – Comedian/Songwriter Rob Paravonian, the Pachelbel Canon Guy

By DAVID Jenness posted Fri March 19, 2021 08:02 AM


As we pivoted to 100% digital events in 2020, we knew that we would need something extra to attract audiences to our Business Automation events. To that end, we invited some musicians and comedians to entertain us and break up the Agenda a bit; and besides, they weren’t working much, if at all, so we did our part. Because it’s Friday, and it’s been a long week, here’s the first Fun Friday Performer, Rob Paravonian.

Rob Paravonian became an early YouTube star with his hilarious take on the Pachelbel Canon and how it traumatized him as a child cello player and now it follows him around, hidden inside hundreds of pop songs. I watched him develop the routine in the comedy clubs of New York City and was as delighted as anyone to see him break through with it and get to do things like open for George Carlin on tour. Rob joined us to sing some new songs that poke fun at technology topics, like “Tech Support for Mom and Dad,” and “I’m Just Here For The Swag.”

I hope you enjoy his short set, recorded during an AIIM-IBM Virtual Event, oh, and Happy Friday.