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Workplace - How IBM is Creating New Tools for Intelligent Work Management

By DAVID Jenness posted Wed March 03, 2021 04:04 PM


Until only very recently, any large enterprise that wanted to monitor their office workers’ productivity and help those falling behind is to ask them. “How are you doing?”  Often called, “Management By Walking Around,” it was the best you could hope for, if also inaccurate and impossible to scale.

But with recent the advent of Intelligent Workflows, a whole new world opens up. What makes a workflow intelligent is that organizations are now able to use analytics and AI to learn from processes, draw from a historical data base and use Machine Learning to recommend Next Best Actions.

But now, organizations can take the next step beyond that and achieve Operational Intelligence. Imagine having visibility to all the workflows, involving all the employees in a department or business unit. With Operational Intelligence, an Operations manager can have a digital command center to visualize what’s happening in real time across a team, receive alerts and recommendations, and even take advantage of predictions. Predictions, such as, If you continue down this path, the team will not achieve its KPIs.

All of these capabilities are built into the IBM Cloud Pak for Business Automation. Organization that deploy Business Automation Workflows (BAW) with Business Automation Insights (BAI) can take advantage of the new AI-infused Workplace. If a picture is worth 1,000 words, then a dynamic, AI-powered Workplace dashboard is worth 10,000 and who has time to read 10,000 words?

Better if you have a look at the demo that Matt Warta, Program Director for IBM Workflow, did for The Art Of Automation.