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The Art Of The Possible – Harvey Spencer Envisions a Fully Automated Financial Supply Chain

By DAVID Jenness posted Thu February 11, 2021 08:38 PM


"Two Questions About Automation" is back with a brand new series of conversations with the deep thinkers of Automation. On Friday, February 12 at 11AM EST, longtime capture analyst Harvey Spencer joins me on IBM ExpertTV to discuss his latest thinking on where capture technology is headed.

While documents still represent the dominant vehicle that organizations use to communicate with each other, Digital Transformation has made them electronic instead of paper and actually increased the formats and input channels, creating a continued demand for capture solutions that can identify, extract and understand the information on them. Plus now systems need to incorporate images, audio and video to keep up with incoming data.

Harvey’s latest passion is envisioning where capture, powered by AI, and integrated with ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), CEM (Customer Experience Management), and other business systems, can help transform the Financial Supply Chain, from a customer purchase all the way through the entire lifecycle of the customer relationship. As usual, I will ask the first two questions to get the topic rolling.  And then we have a live follow-up session where the audience can ask anything they want.

To attend, first, join IBM ExpertTV.  Then search for "Two Questions About Automation" and we're on at 11 AM EST. At 11:10 AM, we go live and you can ask your questions. If you can’t make it to the live show, the conversation is available OnDemand soon afterwards.

Harvey Spencer

Harvey Spencer has been the world’s leading expert on capture software for decades now. He advises hardware and software companies on trends and directions and his annual Capture Conference brought together the capture companies to network and learn from each other. His annual Worldwide Capture Market Report is the only published analysis that measures the size of the worldwide capture market and rates the capture vendors on Market Strategy and ability to Execute. In 2020, Harvey Spencer & Associates was acquired by Infosource, a firm that provides data and advisory services for the Office Automation, Print, Capture Hardware and Capture Software industries.