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Spotlight: Jukka Juselius - Senior Solution Architect, IBM Business Automation, EMEA

By DAVID Jenness posted Mon January 25, 2021 08:32 PM


Jukka Juselius is a Senior Solution Architect for Europe, Mideast and Africa, specializing in Automation, and lately, he spends a lot time on IBM’s new Robotic Process Automation solution.  Mr. Juselius has been very active on the IBM Business Automation Community, helping IBM clients and Business Partners who are mastering IBM RPA get the information they need.

Like many at IBM, Mr. Juselius took a bit of a twisting path to get where he is today. Trained as molecular biologist, Jukka began his career in the 1990s analyzing eukaryotic DNA at the VTT, Finland's Technical Research Center. Later, while pursuing his doctorate at the University of Helsinki at the beginning of the 21st Century, he felt a calling towards technology and made a career change to join the IBM Business Partner Tieto. “There are many similarities between a research scientist and a technologist,” he says. “You need to show initiative. You need to be self-sufficient and always learn new things. You can’t wait around for someone else to do it. You have to be proactive, so it was good training.”

When he was a geneticist, Juselius focused on base research, learning and testing the mechanisms underlying cells and cell membranes. “Working with DNA is like writing code or configuring an environment,” he says. “You can run tests to see how it behaves, design and make changes and see the effects.”

At Tieto, he started as a software programmer, writing Cobol on mainframes, but soon found himself writing Java on some big projects. “That was the beginning of JavaEE and I was already working with Java as a hobby. I had developed some genetic lab systems using Java, so I turned my hobby into my profession.”

Ever curious, he continued to add knowledge and new skills, and pretty quickly became one of Tieto’s enterprise architects, advising clients, many from IBM, on strategies for successful deployments. By 2010, he was looking for new challenges and accepted an invitation to join IBM, where he has made himself indispensable to IBM Clients ever since.

While he spends a lot of time demonstrating IBM software and building Proofs of Concept (POCs), which show clients how different use cases can be implemented with IBM technologies, he sets aside time each day to check out the Business Automation Community and reply to comments and questions. “The Community offers a direct channel to IBM experts for questions and best practices from practitioners,” he states. “But on the flip side, we in IBM get the opportunity to be aware of what’s going on – what are people struggling with, what new things have they created. This is the channel where real bidirectional communications is going on – between clients, IBMers and Business Partners.”

Jukka is just one example of the kind of talent available to Community visitors and he welcomes a chance to share what he knows. At the moment, the pandemic is keeping him close to home just outside Helsinki, but online, he’s everywhere.  He’s also an accomplished musician and music engineer, having run a recording studio in his early days out of school. If you’re lucky, you may receive one of his coveted Christmas recordings, where he brings a distinctly metal touch to Finnish Christmas songs every year. Reach out and say “Hei!” (Finnish for hello).