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Round Up 2020 “Two Questions About Automation”

By DAVID Jenness posted Thu January 21, 2021 08:30 AM


Want to learn what you need to know about Automation, but you don’t have much time?  “Two Questions About Automation” was designed for you.  The series debuted in 2020 and featured subject matter experts from IBM as well as leaders from our Clients and Business Partners.

Each guest must answer two questions from David Jenness on their area of expertise and consolidate everything essential about the topic within ten minutes.  Then, we open the lines and let the viewers ask follow-up questions.  Altogether, in about 30 minutes, you’ll get a solid understanding of the topic.

In 2020, we looked at Automation for the Public Sector with George Warner, formerly of NY State, the importance of architecture for scaling Automation with Chief Software Architect for FileNet Mike Winter, the role of Customer Journey Mapping with Mike Prentice, Director of Automation for Integro, AI and Document Processing with Eileen Lowry, Director of Offering Management for IBM Content Services, and why every enterprise needs an Automation Center of Excellence with Ben Chance, a Partner with IBM Automation.

I am proud of the conversations, because they will help customers be more successful. To make it easier to view, I rounded up all the 2020 episodes into one easy online viewing experience.  Please enjoy this special Lookbook for "Two Questions About Automation."



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Wed February 24, 2021 12:34 PM

This is definitely something of interest. As you say it is hard to find time. I have done a bit research or trying to learn. I have found the AI is powering everything now from Tesla cars to automated text writing.

I find it a bit frightening and grateful to the fact that they even put AI writing on hold from GPR3 to prevent fake news being massified. 

I will be reading through the forums and posts in depth to learn as much as I can. 

Thanks for offering this resource to small business.