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CM8 2020 Update – What’s New in IBM Content Manager

By DAVID Jenness posted Thu November 05, 2020 08:52 AM


At the fall 2020 Virtual User Event on September 18, Neil Parrott presented the update and roadmap for IBM Content Manager Enterprise Edition (CMEE).  He covered the multi-platforms version, the Z version and updates to IBM Navigator that pertain to all CM8 users.

There’s a section on web-based administration, S3 Storage, Container access, the virtual viewer and usability enhancements. Easier Worklist management was called out as a benefit from recent development, as well as the MOD:CA overlay, which is essential for viewing the data and document in context, with all its formatting.

Finally, the presentation looked ahead into 2021 and reviewed new features and enhancements under consideration, including Rest APIs, Web Hooks, and…  Well, have a look for yourself.