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Why Architecture is Destiny – A Conversation with Mike Winter, ECM Architect

By DAVID Jenness posted Thu October 29, 2020 02:32 PM


The great Egyptian Pyramids, Stonehenge, and the Roman aqueducts still exist thousands of years later, because they were constructed by superior architects. These architects understood how to use durable materials, followed the principles of structural engineering, and, arguably, devised building methods, tools and techniques that took advantage of gravity, wind, water and other natural forces to build structures that have seemingly defied time.

Today’s software architects argue that enterprise software requires the same sort of vision and foresight. For the next installment of “Two Questions About Automation,” October 30 at 11 AM ET, I had a conversation with Mike Winter, who is IBM’s Chief Software Architect for Content Services, and one of the key figures behind the design of IBM FileNet Content Manager, long considered one of the best ECM platforms in the industry.

The two questions I asked Mike are “Why is architecture so important to an ECM System?” and “How will the architecture for IBM Content Services evolve in the near future?”

Mike took a deep breath and jumped right in, yet he made it easy for us non-technical listeners to grasp.  Not an easy thing.  If you’re not familiar with “Two Questions About Automation,” it begins with myself and a guest for about 10 minutes, and then we open up the lines and anyone in the audience can ask their question. If you want to know what Architecture is important, join me.

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Two Questions About Automation with David Jenness - Oct 30 @ 11 AM ET
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Post-Show Discussion with Mike Winter (open Q&A) - Oct 30 @ 11:10 AM ET