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IBM’s New Robotic Process Automation Product is very Chatty

By DAVID Jenness posted Mon October 26, 2020 03:25 PM


Perhaps you heard that IBM acquired a Robotic Process Automation vendor this summer, a Brazilian company called WDG Automation.  Since IBM already had relationships with Automation Anywhere, Blue Prism and UIPath, you might wonder why the need for another?

WDG Automation CEO, Robson Felix recently explained some differentiators to an audience of IBM users, and he showed an aspect of the new solution that is quite unique: The ability to create an AI-powered chatbot.

In this short demonstration, Robson talks about how WDG encompasses Watson Machine Learning and Natural Language Understanding to create an Intelligent Virtual Agent (IVA) capable of conducting a basic fact-finding conversation to help guide a customer towards some information they are seeking or a live agent to help them solve a problem. While building routines and subroutines can take a while to develop a sophisticated chatbot, the basic tools are pretty easy to work with, as you’ll see.