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Who Needs An Automation Platform? Five Good Things About A Platform

By DAVID Jenness posted Thu October 08, 2020 09:12 AM


When IBM combined ECM and Digital Process Divisions to create Digital Business Automation in 2018, a key strategy was the creation of a platform that integrates all automation capabilities into a single offering. The first priority for Development was integrating Capture, Content Management, Decisions, Workflow and Robotic Process Automation into what today is called the Cloud Pak for Automation.

  1. But why go to that trouble? Why not keep the capabilities separate and let customers connect them as needed?
  2. The answer can be found in many applications being built today by IBM customers, which use all the capabilities available in a single end to end application.
  3. For these use cases, clients benefit from a common framework for design, and a common user interface, and the integration, which means they don’t need to invest in extra Services to connect everything together.
  4. DBA’s Jeff Goodhue wanted to prove the value of the DBA Platform Strategy and he set out to build a software demonstration that would utilize process modeling, capture, content management, workflow, digital decisions and robotic process automation into a single end-to-end process.
  1. Click on the link below, and in five minutes, you’ll see Jeff take you through a typical new application process, which requires all the capabilities of the Cloud Pak for Automation.


He begins with a Blueworks Live process modeler, sets up a capture application in Automation Content Analyzer, and shows how a knowledge worker searches and retrieves a document from Content Services. You’ll also see how the capture process launches a case using Business Automation Workflow, applies some business rules using Operational Decision Management and even launches robotic process automation to help a knowledge worker complete a task.