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Remote Working is Creating a New Kind of Content Chaos. Here’s a Solution.

By DAVID Jenness posted Tue September 29, 2020 05:37 AM


How many collaboration platforms are too many?  It’s not uncommon for me to bounce from GoToMeeting to Zoom to Microsoft Teams and back to Zoom in one day. I’ve also been Slacked to join a Webex where we are all viewing Trello while someone takes notes in Office Online.  

It’s great to have so many tools, but what happens to the practice of content management, when content is generated across multiple platforms?  Where is the master document when several people are working on it? Who has the final version and how is it protected for compliance and security?

Today’s remote work collaboration free-for-all is creating an accelerated form of content chaos, where there are too many versions, scattered in too many locations to manage and govern properly. However, there is a solution, called Content Syndication services, which integrates the systems that use content with the systems that store content.

Content syndication services enable people to work on multiple platforms to generate content, but the content resides in the repository, where it has all the security and governance elements a modern enterprise requires. It’s the right content federation strategy for today’s open collaboration environment that enables an organization to retain control and remain productive, while moving at 2020 speed.

IBM Offering Manager Kathryn Tirador put together a short demonstration of how to use content syndication in IBM Content Services while working with cloud-based content collaboration tools. Have a look at a better way to work remotely.